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Covid-19 is a global pandemic, and you need to take safety into your own hands. Buy disposable facemasks online as well as buy hand sanitizer online. Sanitizing solutions, disposable wipes, and disposable gloves are a necessity in battling this pandemic.

Living Cautiously Through the Pandemic

Here at Hype Labs our goal is to provide you with the highest quality products at the lowest price to get you through these trying times, and help promote a more sanitary lifestyle. According to the CDC to battle this pandemic you should take the following necessary precautions.

Know how Covid-19 spreads

COVID-19 is easily spread from person-to-person. This is especially true when

  • People are in close contact with one another, within 6 feet
  • Through droplets that occur when infected people cough, sneeze, breathe, or speak
  • Asymptomatic people who don’t realize they are spreading the virus
  • Being in enclosed areas with poor ventilation
  • Touching contaminated surfaces and then touching your face.

Our Facemask Selection

Why Buy PPE Products from Hype Labs?

The Highest Quality Products

At hype labs, we’re constantly working to obtain the highest quality PPE products for consumers and businesses at the lowest rates possible. Our goal is to help aide in the safety and health of the country, and to do so we want to help keep your house and business stocked with the necessary products.

How do we stay in stock?

We are constantly purchasing and producing products all over the world to keep a full inventory. Hype Labs buys in mass quantities to allow us to provide our customers with great rates.

Who does Hype Labs sell to?

Hype Labs has many government and commercial contracts which allows us to consistently buy large quantities of PPE. Our website is to sell direct to consumer as well as display our selection of products for larger contracts.

Covid-19 rate of infection has been spreading at a rapid rate. Use facemasks, gloves, and sanitizers often. Buy sanitizer online at hype-labs.

State of the Virus and Infection Rate

The country has been reaching terrible new milestones each and every week, with over 3,000 deaths a day as of most recent counts. It is important to take necessary precautions.

How to Protect Yourself

  • Wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth when you go out. For essential workers, N-95 masks are recommended. At hype-labs we have the following masks.
    • 3 ply adult disposable face masks
    • Makrite 9500-N95
    • Makrite 9500S-N95
    • Makrite Sekura-321 N95 face masks
  • Stay 6 feet apart and avoid crowds
  • Wash and Sanitize your hands and living space often. Hype labs has the following sanitation products
    • Sanitizing Aerosol spray
    • Alcohol pads
    • Nova Green, Easy Wonderful, & Sweet Care Wipes
  • Avoid being in enclosed areas with poor ventilation
  • Avoid touching contaminated surfaces and then touching your face. Hype Labs sells nitrile gloves to combat carrying virus with you.